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gridding cloth

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The grid cloth is made of glass fiber woven fabric, and is coated with polymer emulsion. Therefore, it has good alkali resistance, flexibility and high tension resistance in the longitudinal and latitudinal direction, and can be widely used in the insulation, waterproof and crack resistance of the internal and external walls of buildings.
Glass fiber gridding cloth is mainly made of alkali resistant glass fiber gridding cloth, which is made of medium alkali free glass fiber yarn (mainly composed of silicate and good chemical stability) and twisted by special structure gauze, and then heat set at high temperature such as alkali resistant solution and reinforcing agent.
Main performance and features:
1. Good chemical stability. Alkali resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, cement corrosion resistance, and other chemical corrosion resistance; strong adhesion with resin, soluble in styrene, etc.
2. High strength, high modulus and light weight.
3. Good dimensional stability, rigid, flat, not easy to shrink and deform, and good positioning.
4. Good impact resistance. (due to high strength and toughness of mesh)
5. Mildew proof and insect proof.
6. Fire protection, heat preservation, sound insulation and insulation.
Its main applications are widely used in:
1) on the wall reinforcement materials (such as glass fiber wall mesh, GRC wall board, EPS inner and outer wall insulation board, gypsum board, etc.), 2) reinforced cement products (such as Roman column, flue, etc.), 3) granite, mosaic special mesh, marble back sticking net, 4) waterproof roll cloth, asphalt roof waterproof, 5) reinforced plastic, rubber products skeleton material, 6) fireproof board, 7) abrasive wheel base cloth, 8) highway pavement geotechnical engineering Grating, 9) caulking tape for building, etc.

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