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Gin machine

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    Updated on: December 31, 2010
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Gin Machine Description: for short, gin machine is also known as pre bending forming machine, embossing machine, mineral screen machine and square mesh machine, which are mainly used in the production of gin.
Type: semi automatic gin, fully automatic gin, hydraulic gin and mine gin.
Features: wire diameter range: 0.5mm-10mm, mesh range: 1.5mm-100mm, mesh width: 0.5m-3m
Use of ginning net: it can be widely used in the screening of mines, sand and stone materials, raw coal, isolation and protection of construction, civil, breeding and other industries. Among them, stainless steel ginned net can also be used for filtration, screening and protection of industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, marine industry, etc. in acid and alkali environment, to make continuous glass reinforced baskets, baskets for various industries, baskets for storage in handicrafts, kitchens and refrigerators.

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