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  • blade stabbing rope net machine
  • blade stabbing rope net machine
  • blade stabbing rope net machine
  • blade stabbing rope net machine

blade stabbing rope net machine

  • Product Name: blade stabbing rope net machine
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    Updated on: December 31, 2010
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Double strand common rope stabbing machine:
I. It is used to produce barbed rope on galvanized iron and plastic plated iron.
2. Double strand positive and reverse twisting machine
Use the positive and reverse twisting method to wind the strand. The barbed rope produced by the machine has no rebound and winding phenomenon, and is easy to install and operate.
III. single strand rope stabbing machine
It is used to produce single strand barbed rope. The main features of the machine are material saving, convenient operation and low noise.
The products of this machine are used for the protection of roads, railways, guard houses, pastures, paddocks and orchards.
Blade barber, also known as blade barber, is a special machine for producing blade barber, which is composed of feeder, punch, material receiver and wire wrapping machine. The razor barbed wire net produced by Shunwei razor barber has the characteristics of beauty, economy and practicality, good resistance prevention effect, convenient construction, etc., and is widely used in military facilities, communication stations, power distribution stations, border defense lines, prisons, garbage farms, community protection, schools, factories, farms and other safety isolation protection.


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