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crochet machine

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    Updated on: December 31, 2010
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Crochet net is also known as rhombic net, rhombic net and movable net. Materials: high quality low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, PVC wire.
Weaving and features: it is made by crocheting, with uniform mesh, flat net surface, beautiful and generous, wide net width, thick wire diameter, long service life, simple weaving, beautiful and practical.
Uses: widely used for raising chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and zoo fences. Protection of mechanical equipment, highway guardrail, fences for sports venues and road green belt. After the screen is made into a box like container, the screen box is filled with riprap, etc., which can be used to protect and support seawall, hillside, road and bridge, reservoir and other civil engineering. It is a good material for flood control and flood fighting. It can also be used for handicraft manufacturing and conveying network of mechanical equipment.
1. Multi functional diamond mesh machine: main technical parameters of the machine: 1. Overall dimension: 3200mm long, 750mm wide, 850mm high; 2. Maximum working platform: 2000mm; maximum weaving width: 2000mm; 3. Maximum weaving aperture: 200 x 200mm; minimum weaving aperture: 4 x 4mm; 4. Maximum weaving thread diameter: 6.0mm; minimum weaving thread diameter: 0.4mm; 5. Type a motor power: 15000 Reference price of 0.8kw of WAB type power: Negotiable.
2. Semi automatic diamond mesh machine: the machine is easy to operate, easy to master the technology of manual cutting and locking, the woven mesh is flat, the whole machine performance is reliable and the fault is less, and the maintenance is convenient, which is suitable for small enterprises. Main technical parameters: 1. Overall dimension: length: 2400mm, width: 4400mm, height: 2500mm; 2. Maximum working platform: 8000mm, maximum weaving width: 8000mm; 3. Maximum weaving aperture: 52x52; 4. Maximum weaving diameter: 4.0mm, minimum weaving diameter: 1.0mm; 5. Power: 3kw / set 0.12kw/set; 6. Productivity: 15-20m2 / hour; 7. Total weight: 1.5T.
3. Full automatic rhombic web loom: the spider metal silk rhombic web loom produced by our factory adopts the forming principle of German technology double silk web, which not only has high production efficiency, but also has reliable web quality. The design of the machine is reasonable. It adopts microcomputer control, mechanical and electrical integration, and automatically completes the processes of spinning, cutting, rolling, locking and so on. Advanced imported technology and the price of domestic machinery are the ideal choice for the vast number of diamond net users. Technical parameters: 1. Production capacity: (flat / hour) 25-60 2. Diameter of steel wire: (mm) Φ 2.0-Φ 4.0 number of spinning wires: double wire Description: steel wire standard: gb3081-82 yb544-65 steel wire material: B 1f-b 3F 3. Mesh width: (mm) 600-2000 mesh length: optional 4. Power: Motor: 3.0kw, 1 set of 4.0kw, 1 set of 0.12kw.


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