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Electric welding net series

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  • welded steel fabric
  • welded steel fabric
  • welded steel fabric

welded steel fabric

  • Product Name: welded steel fabric
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    Updated on: December 31, 2010
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Material: rebar, threaded rebar
The welded steel fabric is manufactured by fully automatic and intelligent production line under strict quality control of the factory. The grid size, reinforcement specification and quality are strictly controlled. It can avoid the situation that the manual binding net is omitted, the binding is not firm, the binding is wrong and the work and materials are cut off. The mesh has large rigidity, good elasticity, uniform and accurate spacing, and high strength of welding points. Therefore, the project quality is greatly improved.
The longitudinal and transverse reinforcement of welded steel mesh form a network structure, so it has good bond and anchorage with lightweight concrete. The load it bears can spread evenly and improve the anti-seismic and anti crack performance of reinforced concrete structure. According to the actual test, more than 75% of the cracks can be reduced when the welded steel mesh is laid on the road.

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