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Window screening series

  • glass fiber plain woven window screen
  • glass fiber plain woven window screen
  • glass fiber plain woven window screen

glass fiber plain woven window screen

  • Product Name: glass fiber plain woven window screen
    Product No.: B-003
    Updated on: January 15, 2011
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Material: glass fiber, PVC.
Weaving and technology: it is made of glass fiber monofilament plastic coating technology, flat weaving, heating and shaping.
(1) long service life: excellent weather resistance, anti-aging, cold resistance, anti-inflammatory heat, anti drying, moisture resistance, flame retardant and moisture resistance. Glass fiber window screen has the advantages of moisture, antistatic, light transmittance, no filting, no deformation, UV resistance, high tensile strength and long service life. Beautiful appearance and rigorous structure. The whole window screen is made of glass fiber monofilament plastic coated plain woven yarn, the rest of the materials are all made of PVC plastic by pressing and assembling separately, which solves the problem of too large gap between the traditional screen window and the window frame, and the sealing effect is good.
Wide range of applications, directly installed in the window frame, wood, steel, aluminum, plastic doors and windows can be assembled; corrosion resistance, high strength, anti-aging, fire resistance is good, do not need paint coloring.
③ non toxic and tasteless.
④ glass fiber is selected as the yarn mesh, which is fireproof and flame retardant.
⑤ it has the function of anti-static, dust free and good ventilation.
⑦ good light transmittance, with real invisible effect.
⑧ automatic filter to prevent ultraviolet radiation, protect the health of the whole family.
Aging resistance, long service life, reasonable design and ten thousand times of use.
(10) green environmental protection: it does not contain the chlorine fluoride harmful to the atmosphere, which meets the requirements of ISO14001 international environmental protection certification, so the use will not produce any pollution harmful to human body.
Application: it is used in high-grade office building, residence and various buildings, animal farm, orchard, etc. it is the best protective product for insects, mosquitoes and flies.
Width: 0.6-2.7m.
Color: white, black, gray, gray white (diameter gray and weft white).
Weight: 120 + / 5G / m2

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