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Wire mesh machinery

  • steel wire mesh welding machine
  • steel wire mesh welding machine
  • steel wire mesh welding machine
  • steel wire mesh welding machine

steel wire mesh welding machine

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The welding control of the wire mesh welding machine produced by our company adopts computer control, which achieves accurate welding time, current balance and low failure rate.
1. The main welding machine adopts imported famous brand pneumatic components, with long service life, high precision, high pressure, and solid solder joints.
2. The welding transformer adopts a new type of high-efficiency welding network transformer. The adjustment can be divided into eight levels, expanding the range of welding wire diameter. Professional design lower electrode block, low wear rate, and can be used in many aspects.
3. The network system is controlled by computer programming. The spacing of transverse bars is adjusted without pole. The change of hole spacing is set by program. There can be many different spacing of transverse bars on the same mesh.
4. The control system adopts PLC programming controller, touch screen, convenient operation interface and simple working mode.
5. The blanking system adopts patented technology, single piece and single blanking, barrel blanking, without manual placement.
6. The welding net has been widely used in floor slab, house cover, wall, bridge, concrete pavement, platform, airport, cement pipe, concrete prefabricated parts, retaining wall, mountain slope protection, tunnel, wharf, dike and so on.
7. Specific parameters:
① the maximum width of welding mesh is 2500mm, and the diameter of welding reinforcement is 5mm-12mm;
② diameter wire spacing ≥ 50mm, freely adjustable
③ the spacing between weft holes is 50-600mm;
④ the air self cooling and power of the welding transformer are more than 1500KVA, which can realize one-time compression and welding in several times;


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