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Advantages and manufacturing regulations of the blade gill net machine

The machine is widely used in the welding of railway fence, highway fence, bridge high-rise building and so on. It can be customized according to the needs of customers. Many concrete projects in the construction industry are related to the use of steel mesh, which plays an important bearing role in bearing floor or foundation pit support.
Blade gill mesh machine is the main welding mesh equipment of these meshes, which helps people quickly weld the horizontally and vertically overlapped steel mesh products into shape. Because it saves labor and reduces energy consumption, it is widely favored by the construction industry. With the popularization and application of blade gill mesh machine, its types and uses are more and more. The working principle of the blade gill net machine adopts resistance welding technology, which is low in cost and convenient in operation. The welding strength and the specification of welding parts are controlled by PLC programming. The advantages of simplicity and studiousness are well received by customers.
The materials for manufacturing blade gill net machine and forming machine shall have inspection certificate. When alternative materials are used, they shall not be lower than the main mechanical performance indexes of the original materials. The working surface of the casting shall be flat and free from casting defects such as slag inclusion, sand hole, looseness, air hole and crack. Generally, the casting defects are allowed to be repaired. The scope and requirements of the repair shall meet the requirements of JG / t5011.7.
The casting quality of blade gill machine shall meet the requirements of JG / t5011.8. The welding seam of the weldment shall be neat, the width of the same welding seam shall be uniform, and there shall be no defects such as missing welding, burn through, crack, etc., and the welding slag shall be removed. Fasteners and connectors shall be firmly and reliably connected without looseness. Parts of the same model blade gill machine produced by the same manufacturer shall be interchangeable. After assembly, the blade gill machine shall operate flexibly and stably without abnormal sound



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