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Specification explanation of blade and thorn rope used in border line

Blade barbed rope is one of the best-selling new protection products in recent years. It has a wide range of uses. Due to its unique protection performance, it is generally used in the road, railway, high-speed railway, garden apartment, prison, outpost, border line and so on. We have explained the installation method and basic use of the product in common users, prisons and other places before. What kind of stainless steel blade barbed rope should be used for the border line? What are the specifications?
Blade barbed rope can be divided into many kinds according to its diameter. One kind of blade barbed rope with 1000mm circle diameter is produced for the border line. Because of its very large size and large expansion coverage area, it is applied in the holy field of border line.
The 1000mm ring diameter bayonet roll cage is customized according to strict requirements. It is made of hot-dip galvanizing material. Due to its high zinc content, it can withstand the rough weather of the border line, resulting in its own rust. The bto-22 model is the main model. The double helix processing process is adopted. The sharp bayonet is installed by the double line and the bayonet rope of the blade, which is in the shape of snake belly. It is not only beautiful but also chilling, which plays a very good deterrent role
When installing 1000mm spiral blade barbed rope on the border line, it is generally connected by double-layer structure, which can eliminate the climber's fluke psychology and form a new type of fearless protective wall, so that people can live and work in peace, and the country can prosper!



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