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Special anti-theft facilities for enclosure - galvanized blade barbed rope

The application range of blade stabbing rope is wide. It can be divided into many types according to the erection style, including flat blade stabbing rope, spiral blade stabbing rope, straight blade stabbing rope, etc. according to the material, it can also be divided into galvanized (electro galvanized, hot-dip galvanized) and stainless steel. Now, the development trend of blade stabbing rope is gradually increasing, and it has entered the life of thousands of households, units and projects in major cities Construction and other fields, with the prevalence of blade barbed rope, let the people have a preliminary understanding of the product.
Blade barbed rope or stainless steel blade barbed rope has become a special anti-theft facility for the wall, mainly according to the special structure of the product, which has certain deterrent performance, so it is called wall anti-theft.
For example, the installation method of galvanized blade thorn rope is simple and convenient. Combined with the installation and fixation of blade thorn rope column, people often form a simple spiral blade thorn rope.
It is composed of full blade or stainless steel blade, and installed by professional installation team according to the correct installation method. The most important thing is to consider the spacing of the bayonet roll cage. Only by grasping this link, can we achieve the ideal and more rigorous protection effect, attract many people's eyes with unique wind grid, and form a unique landscape for the wall and surrounding!
According to the material requirements, the blade barbed rope not only adapts to the consumer's life concept, but also provides a guarantee for the consumer's life!



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